Favorite assistant of Yoga students and teachers

Yoga students and teachers use Yoga Assistant to manage their Yoga sequences as well as to learn from or find inspiration in sequences created by their colleagues.


It is almost 3 months now while I am using Yoga Asssistant to interactively practice specifically designed Yoga sequence which helps me to remove the pain in lowerback. It is a short sequence and I practice it at my home, sometimes two times per day.

Dragana Knezevic

The nature of my job requires a lot of travelling, so I am not in a position to regularly attend Yoga classes. Yoga Assistant helps me to keep practicing wherever I am.

Dragan Nikolic


My students are divided in several groups according to their level of Yoga skills. In order to make my classes fresh and interesting, I often modify sequences. With the help of Yoga Assistant this is a very easy task. Personally, I am encouring my students to use Yoga Assistant in order to establish their own daily Yoga practice.

Sanja Colic

Yoga Assistant is a helpful tool for Yoga students and teachers. Beside its ability to manage and interactively practice Yoga sequences, it contains detailed description of more than a 80 Yoga poses.

Aleksandra Obradovic