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Yoga Sequence Management

Manage your Yoga Sequences

Keep all your Yoga sequences always at hand. Easily reorder them and, if you wish to practice with Yoga Assistant, specify duration and description of poses.

Reorder Poses.

Practice with Yoga Assistant

Simply, roll out your Yoga mat and click play. Leave the rest to Yoga Assistant, which will let you know about your next pose at the time when predefined hold time expires.

Play sequence.

Print Yoga Sequences

If you prefer to practice with or carry with you paper copy of your favorite Yoga Sequences, you can easily print it out from Yoga Assistant.

Print sequence.

Shared Sequences

Share your Yoga Sequences with Others

Share your Yoga sequences with others, or practice Yoga sequence created by other Yoga Assistant users.

Shared sequences.

Yoga Pose Description

Consult Yoga Pose Library

Whenever in doubt about specific Yoga pose, consult our Yoga pose library. It contains step by step instructions, benefits and contraindications and cautions on more than a hundred of Yoga poses.

Yoga pose library.